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For Crew

Show Crew Network is the personal booking agent you never had. Get booked, manage your availability, payments, job details and more! Get started and create a profile in minutes and put the Network to work for you. Create a profile today - It's FREE!
For Companies

Show Crew Network is a web app that makes finding, hiring, scheduling and paying qualified freelancers a breeze! With our fully automated system, crew management is a few clicks away and gives you access to a rolodex of thousands of freelancers. Create a profile today- It's FREE!
Get hired by production companies, touring companies, rental/staging firms, event companies, venues, trade show companies, theme parks, cruise lines, labor companies, theaters, learning institutions, independent producers and more.
Find that one uniquely qualified person to make your show happen or book an entire crew. Our custom built search engine allows you to search for personnel by their discipline, specialties, availability, rating and location.
Select your disciplines, fields of expertise, list specialty equipment and upload photos.
Review crew profiles, specialties, expected compensation, photos, references, feedback and ratings to make informed decisions about who you're hiring. You can even contact crew members directly through Show Crew Network with questions.
Update your availability on Show Crew Network and track your confirmed gigs booked through Show Crew Network.
Organize your call from load in through load out, or for an entire tour. Once you have submitted your crew call, confirmation emails and texts are automatically generated and sent to each crew member who then choose to accept or decline the booking.
Stay in the loop about projects and upcoming gigs with the Show Crew Network's custom messaging system and contact employers about specific projects. Receive emails and text messages about job offers and updates.
Send crew members messages about projects and discuss upcoming gigs with the Show Crew Network's custom messaging system which notifies crew members of offers and updates with text messages and emails.
Both new and existing clients can check your availability, hire and pay you all through Show Crew Network.
Organize pertinent information including venues, call times, staffing, payment, crew communications and project descriptions. Easily update and change booking info and notify crew members of changes via auto generated emails and text messages.
Set your own compensation rate and guarantee that you're going to get paid quickly and safely through our online escrow payment system. Choose to receive payment by check or by PayPal.
Use our escrow payment system to pay crew members. It's a great system that protects both you and the crew members and will save you time and money on HR overhead.
Boost your Show Crew Network profile rating to get more gigs!
Rate each crew member's performance and maintain a log of all of the members you have worked with for future bookings.