A2 Hosting

Show Crew Network is more than a website, it’s a dynamic tool for both production industry professionals and companies. Our custom web app provides a fully automated system for finding, scheduling and paying crew for events, shoots and tours-in real time!

Show Crew Network was developed by production industry veterans looking for a way to simplify the process of booking crews for gigs and making freelancing easier for production industry pros.  The founders consulted with production companies, rental staging companies,  freelancers, event firms, touring companies, sound, lighting and video houses and many others along the way to design a system that makes booking jobs for both employers and crew members a snap.  In addition, Show Crew Network is robust with features that save time and money as well as reducing the headaches of scheduling and managing.

Today, Show Crew Network has an extensive user base of both Crew Members and companies.  Although booking is handled exclusively through our site, we have a physical office with a full time support staff who are there to help.

Join now for free and see what Show Crew Network can do for you!